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The Solar-Pro 2.0 program is included on the Solar Design Studio v4.0 CD-ROM and is a software tool available for active solar water heating system design, simulation, and prediction.  SolarPro 2.0 has 239 U.S. climate files built in, and can easily incorporate user-added climate(s).

Above is the main input screen. There are dozens of variables incorporated into the simulation.
Input cells have green text, simulation outputs have yellow text.

Complete system financial results are available as shown on the above screen shot.

A big part of an accurate solar water heating simulation includes hot water usage modeling,
SolarPro delivers hour-by-hour, weekend, and seasonal differences.
"POU" indicates point-of-use consumption (less gallons depending on tank temperature).

Detailed charts are available. Shown on the above link are 7 days including solar radiation,
pump activity, tank temperatures, electric backup activity, and load gallons.

System Requirements:
1. Windows 95
2. Pentium Processor or Equivalent
3. CD-ROM Drive
4. 16 MB RAM
5. 100 MB Disk Space (primarily for climates)
6. 800 x 600 Screen Resolution