TraceTools v1.0 - Software for the Control and Monitoring of Trace SW Series Inverters

TraceControl v1.0 (part of the TraceTools v1.0 suite) allows the complete control and monitoring of Trace SW Series Inverters. Full setting control on-the-fly, real-time charting, and data logging is available. TraceControl runs in its own thread while TraceServer runs in the background and communicates with the SWCA independently. The program was designed to run continuously on the PC in order to facilitate comprehensive data logging and system control. Up to 8 inverters can be connected to a single PC COM Port. With 4 COM Ports, up to 32 inverters can be controlled from a single PC.

Information available in chart/logging format includes: Grid Amps/Volts/kW/kWh, Generator Amps/Volts/kW/kWh, Inverter Amps, Volts, kW, kWh, Inverter Efficiency, Sine Wave Frequency, Battery Amp-Hours, Sold kWh, Battery Amps/Volts/kW/kWh, and Load Amps/Volts/kW/kWh. Charting updates occur at approximately 5 second intervals (with up to 24 hours of history). Data logging takes place at 1 minute intervals, and log files can be opened in MS-Access or MS-Excel in order to manipulate data or create historical charts. TraceLog (included with TraceTools), can also be used to chart logged data.

If you currently own a Trace SW system you will need to purchase the Trace Sine-Wave Communications Adapter (SWCA) cable for approximately $175. Using this cable, you can connect your SW inverter to a PC COM Port and use the TraceControl software.

TraceControl Main Window.

TraceControl Inverter Control Window.

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TraceControl Recent Data Chart Window.

TraceControl controls and works in conjunction with other software in the TraceTools v1.0 suite:

1. TraceServer, which is an independent server type program that runs in its own program thread. TraceServer communicates and marshals data transactions with the Trace SWCA (Sine-Wave Communications Adapter). The SWCA in turn communicates with the Trace SW inverter.

2. TraceWeb, which is capable of creating and uploading recent system data charts to the Web. The user inputs FTP server userID, password, and file location information into TraceWeb and the program will automatically handle the creation of HTML files and FTP uploads to the Web. This is useful for individuals desiring to publish their system performance to the Web, and remotely monitor its performance.

3. TraceMailer, which e-mails errors indicated by the SW inverter to a choice of e-mail address. Messages are formatted with error time and type, and also are sent when errors automatically resolve themselves, such as a low-voltage condition ceasing.

4. TraceLog, which is used for viewing data logged at 1-minute intervals by TraceControl, normally in chart form. You pick the start date and time and end date and time for the chart, and also the data point time interval, and TraceLog creates the chart. Chart data and images can be exported.

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